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Mental Health

Understanding the impact of mental health is a crucial component to overcoming addiction. Often, the two are intimately linked.

Addicts must address underlying psychological issues that are driving their behaviors before those behaviors can change. Unfortunately, the stigma around mental health acts as a barrier to treatment in many cases. New Start's program is built around breaking those barriers through individual, group, and family therapy.

Dual Diagnosis

Addicts and alcoholics are not simply “weak-minded.” They grapple with chemical imbalances beyond their control that guide their damaging behaviors. Although there is certainly an element of choice in substance abuse, it is but one of many, and the others need to be addressed before recovery can earnestly begin.

One of those elements is dual diagnosis.


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Dual Diagnosis

Defeat the Stigma People with Mental Illness & Addiction Deserve to Get the Help They Need Over 0%of people experiencing mental illness struggle with addiction1 out of 0of drug addicts report experiencing mental illnessLess than 0%of dual diagnosis individuals receive treatment for both conditions ( SOURCE ) Dual Diagnosis People with dual diagnosis vary widely in the scope and severity of their concurrent diseases. We've laid out the unique circumstantial issues that play out with the mental illnesses that most commonly exist alongside addiction. Peruse the pages below to read more. Types of Therapy Addressing Trauma Depression Bipolar Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Schizophrenia…

Dual Diagnosis