Residential Care
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Our excellent living amenities allow clients to focus on getting well.

24/7 Medical Supervision

 Our clinical process begins from the moment you walk in the door. A medical doctor and/or psychiatrist assesses all incoming clients within the first 24-48 hours. During this assessment you will be able to address any physical and/or emotional issues with the doctor. Medications are prescribed as best fits with your medical needs.
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High End Amenities

Our treatment facilities are warm and inviting and create a home like environment. With Tempur-Pedic beds in upscale surroundings and high end amenities, clients are able to feel safe, comfortable, and well cared for.
The interior residential facility maintains a rustic, tranquil ambiance. Wood textures and warm tones abound in this quiet home tucked away in suburban Tustin. This “southern California” vibe really sets our residential house apart from other programs.  To top it off, our chefs create nutritious and well balanced meals and snacks to promote a healthy diet and improve your overall well being.
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Full-Time Chef

We employ in-house chefs for both detox and residential treatment. They cook meals daily and are also happy to accommodate client requests. Fresh quality food is a big component to feeling comfortable and getting well, so we strive to provide the best service in this area. We also cater to any and all dietary needs.
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Physical Health

While assisting clients in improving their overall mental and spiritual health, it is also important to address their physical health. We also arrange physical activities and access to a gym as well as a multi-sport gym that is specifically designed for individuals in recovery. Our staff posts schedules with blocks for active fitness time in our facility for reference whenever. Clients can likewise offer ideas for these outings.
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