Luxury Professional DetoxThe Professional Detox Program offered at New Start Recovery is specifically designed for the unique needs of executives and business professionals struggling with substance abuse issues. Our clients are used to high functioning, fast-paced lives that won’t pause for personal issues. We have helped many professionals recover from problems with substance abuse and addiction, making it possible for them to maintain their career and status within their company. New Start Recovery provides an individualized treatment approach that is tailored for the working professional, and is facilitated by our highly qualified addiction specialists. Our main objective is to assist our clients so they may preserve important connections and balance priorities, while receiving compassionate treatment in luxury rehabilitation accommodations.

Luxury Detox for the Executive, New Start’s Executive Detox treatment specializes in treatment tailored to individuals who are often very successful, but find themselves struggling with substance abuse or chemical dependency. We don’t often think of a well put-together, educated professional when we talk about addiction; however, drug abuse and alcoholism are much more common than many people may realize. Individuals who have highly charged, dynamic careers, who are otherwise very successful, can encounter a unique set of challenges when facing the prospect of attending an addiction rehabilitation center. To be treated properly, experienced and highly qualified help is required.

New Start’s Professional Detox is geared toward creating the type of environment that provides the chance for recovery in a private and serene location. Our clients can focus on their recovery in a residential luxury detox with beautiful amenities and the highest quality of care available. We understand that even the most dedicated professionals can become distracted by stress and fall into negative coping patterns. The effects of substance abuse do not have to ruin what you have worked to achieve. Your recovery can start today.

Finding Recovery with Professional Detox

Though coming off the effects of drugs or alcohol can seem like a difficult process, our Professional Detox program at New Start can help make the process a manageable and positive experience. Executive Detox treatment includes a sub-acute detox for an easier transition from harsher withdrawal symptoms. Our client’s confidentiality and safety are our highest priorities.

At New Start Recovery, we understand that the first phase of recovery is often the most difficult. This is why we pay extra attention to ensure that clients face recovery in the comfort of an upscale environment. Everything has been meticulously arranged to meet your every need.

New Start’s Luxury Detox large spacious bedrooms offer a variety of high-end amenities, such as interior designer appointments, top-of-the-line Tempur-pedic beds and 500 thread count linens. House keeping attends to every detail from making your bed to turning down your sheets. Laundry is provided daily.

A large spacious media room with 75” TV and deep leather couches allow our clients to completely relax. In addition we offer a large living room area for reading, relaxing and relating to other clients and staff. All rooms are upgraded with new furniture. In addition to our spacious media lounge and cozy bedrooms, we host a large open-kitchen and hardwood floors, a large relaxing backyard with a covered outdoor lounge area. We also have an on-site chef who coordinates nutritious meals for our clients.

Since Fluids and food are an essential part of the recovery process, the Chef at New Start is here to serve our clients gourmet meals such as:

  • Breakfast: Homemade biscuit and gravy, muffins, eggs, pancakes, French toast, bacon, cereal, etc.
  • Lunch: Orange chicken with fried rice, chicken Caesar wraps, tomato bisque soup, burgers, seafood risotto, sausage and pepper sandwich with roasted potato, lobster mac and cheese, stuffed shell pasta with ricotta cheese served with salad, etc…
  • Dinner: Braised short ribs, seared tilapia, rib eye steak with twice baked potato, roasted citrus chicken with brown rice and veggies, grilled pork chops, cioppino seafood stew etc..
  • Daily Hors d’oeuvres: dates wrapped in bacon, flatbread pizza, fresh fruit and veggies, homemade cookies and pastries.

Recovery at New Start Recovery is facilitated through therapy and counseling, both individual and group, as well as through support from family, loved ones and friends. In addition to treatment services, we provide the opportunity for structured and healing activities such as morning meditation in our outdoor wooden deck, and yoga and meditation sessions in a beautiful beach setting. We provide our professional and executive clients with a high quality of care in a serene and beautiful location. Professionals and executives can often be confronted with alcohol during business-related activities, and having a structured recovery plan is essential to preserving long term, positive results from treatment. With the right treatment and care, change is possible. We encourage you to contact us today for more information about our Professional Detox services.