About our Program

Our alumni community is about coming together, sharing our stories, updating each other on our lives after rehab, and supporting each other. We will have amazing speakers, great conversations, fun activities and adventurous outings through our program.

(Plus we will have coffee and snacks… Because who doesn’t love coffee and snacks!?)


Getting Connected

Connecting is important in recovery. Staying up to date with your peers, going to fellowship meetings, attending workshops, joining online social networking groups, and remote coaching are all essential in having a successful recovery. We want to help by using all those amenities in our alumni program. Whether you are one month sober or 10 years sober, we want to hear from you!

Are you an alumni with NSD?

We want to come together as a New Start Detox family and talk about our progress, where we are today and upcoming events that New Start Detox is holding for our alumni. Join our private Facebook group by clicking here.

We also encourage our alumni to share their story. If you want to share your personal struggles and accomplishments, submit this photo release form and email your before and after pictures along with your short story.

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Upcoming Events

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