Code of Ethics

At New Start Detox, we follow a code of ethics that gives our team a roadmap to success. That roadmap is our guide to provide exceptional care and quality service to our participants.

  • New Start Detox believes in marketing and public relations practices that follow ethical guidelines. We do not engage in misleading campaigns or false advertising of our treatment and amenities.
  • New Start Detox believes our culture thrives in an environment of abundance and quality. Healthy and nutritious food; clean and well-maintained facilities. We treat our clients and their families with dignity and respect at all times.
  • New Start Detox takes our participants’ privacy seriously. We do so by not using video or photographic images of our clients to promote our organization. The likeness or testimonials of former participants may be used after they have been discharged from our program, but only with written permission of those individuals.
  • New Start Detox offers a welcoming environment. We encourage participants and their families to visit us. We invite them to meet our staff and leadership team to understand our passion and our level of commitment to you and your family.
  • New Start Detox only supports the referral of clients to other partner programs which follow our stringent guidelines and reflect our code of ethics.
  • New Start Detox does not accept participants who are not clinically appropriate for our program. While we believe we offer one of the best programs available, we recognize our limitations and consistently refer participants and family members to better-suited programs.
  • New Start Detox will always place the wellbeing of our community above the wants or needs of any individual within it. This always works out to benefit you, the participant. We will only discharge a client from our care based on a clinical determination on what is best for that client and for the participants’ community.
  • At New Start Detox, fees for services are all-inclusive and always include greater value and services than we advertise.
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