About New Start Detox

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Established in 2013, New Start Detox is a licensed professional detox center providing support to assist individuals who are stabilizing from the effects of chemical dependency. When an addict suddenly stops using, the brain and body can react with shakiness, dizziness, fever, nausea or seizures. Treatment begins by first addressing these physical withdrawal symptoms. In most cases, withdrawal symptoms will begin within 24 to 72 hours and can take roughly a week to stabilize.

Withdrawal symptoms can be reduced and managed safely with individual support and care available 24/7. To begin the journey toward living free from addiction, the first step is recognizing the importance of obtaining professional help to ensure a safe and stable recovery. The comprehensive care we administer provides sub-acute detox, individual and group counseling, proper nutritional and dietary support and a beautiful, comfortable environment.

Our capable, licensed staff are experienced helping individuals suffering from addictions such as alcohol, prescription drugs, painkillers, methamphetamines, cocaine and opiates. New Start Detox provides individual and group counseling as well as the opportunity for morning meditation, beach meditation and attendance at community 12 step meetings, which can be participated with if desired. In addition to these services, we have clean and luxurious facilities, new Tempurpedic beds and an on-site chef who coordinates healthy meals.

Through individualized programs tailored to meet your needs and help you recover from addiction, our goal is to assist through the detoxification process as well as facilitating the next phase of recovery. At New Start Detox we are committed to ensuring a high quality of care and the best possible experience through an important transition. While addiction can be a devastating disease, with the right help it’s possible to successfully recover the tools necessary to live free of addiction.

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